An assembly as a result of many positions, each vying for prominence.

                                  [1]  4x4ft Force Interaction Drawings

                         [2]  Force Interaction Drawing with Spinning China Marker

[3]  Force Interaction Drawing Jigs to be Spun with Drill.
        Drawing material is attached to either end of the tool.
        The use of the jig allows rotation and gravity to effect the 
        symbiotic relationship of the two materials on the drawing surface.                                         Each one has its own character.


                                      [4]  Force Interaction Drawing created with Drawing Jigs


            [5]  Representation, Creating a Body

  [6]  Two-Way Cut Thumbnail Model

                                                                                                                        [7]  Inner Vessel of Vessel within a Vessel.



                         [8]  Vessel within a Vessel Iterations

 [9]  Thumbnail Sketches, How Walls Can Start to Delineate a Space of Assembly

                              [10]  Meet at the Walls         

     [11]  Thumbnail Models, Individuals Pushed to the Perceived Center 

   [12]  Section/Plan Sketch

[13]  Thumbnail Sketches/Models

1. a group of people gathered together in one place for a common purpose.
2. the action of gathering together as a group for a common purpose.
3. the action of fitting together the component parts of a machine or other object.

[14]  Despite the public continuity and the roughly same cubic form, each assembly is very different, to the point of being contrary             one with the other. Each character was first concieved by its proximity to other structures and its location to the percieved                 center of the complex. Each of the structures becomes a character similarly to my Drawing Jigs and Vessel Within a Vessel.

            [15] Therefore,  each assembly is given a title, describing metaphorically
                     the particular type of person or use it was designed for (Clockwise from top ): 

                     The Assembly of ...
                     The Observer; The Careful; The Provider; The Admirable; The Listener;
                     The Memory; The Willful; The Facilitator; The Assertive; The Parasite;

                                          [16] Sketch Elevations/Sections of each Assembly (Same Order)

                                          [17] The Initial Section Drawings, Assembly of The Willful and The Faciliator

                       [18] Generative Perspective Sketch from the Assembly of the Admirable’s Ramp. 

[19] First Iteration of Drafted Site Plan. 
         Different individual shapes of enclosure for differing perceptions of movement, seeing and obscuring.
         Each individual arises out of a different set of circumstances.

[20] Section showing how the sites ground is pushed down towards the center

[21] A Roof Armature, A way of housing all under one roof

                                                                           [22] Assembly of the Provider, View From Entrance

                                    [23] Assembly of the Memory, View From Entrance